Tin Lizzy's

Imagine a wonderful Mexican fusion/experimental restaurant, filled with fun, themed decor and cute tables made of recycled license plates. Now imagine sitting in a wonderful, high-top table, next to people you love. Now, add this DJ who wants to pimp his DJ skills, RIGHT NEXT TO YOUR TABLE. AHHHH.

Atmosphere: Good, besides the music (or should I say NOT beside the music). It had a very temporary vibe; something about the light aluminum chairs and the license plate table-top covers that made our meal seem transitory. There was a cyan car door hanging behind the host's podium too. We were elevated on a table which was SO far removed from the booths and the bar that we were nearly out the door. There was a garage door that seemed like it was there just for aesthetics, and a guy playing badly remixed club music to ruin it.

Tater tots in a tin
Tater tots in a tin

tri-taco taco holder in a tin. Again
Some more tins, but this time with tacos
Actual Food: Like a memey type of Mexican/American focus. For an appetizer, instead of chips and queso we got Tater tots and queso. Now I don’t know if you know, but usually Mexican restaurants deliver a tortilla of natural corn bits flavored chips instead of American tater tots but whatever. It was very good how the queso filled and softened the hard cracks in the shell of the tater tots, and made it kinda soggy but better to eat, like Wheat Thins. My friend had three tacos in that long, W-shaped taco holder, and they look (from the picture) very blurry.

 I ordered more tater tots, but before I had eaten the appetizer. Sorta like buying stock, then buying more stock before seeing what has happened to the prices. Happily though, the plate was called the Cowboy something or another, tater tots with pulled pork on top with white and brown barbeque sauce, completely FLOATING in queso that hardened immediately. Also coleslaw. I hate that stuff. It’s just crunchy, bad fruit salad. My tater tots were served in a pan, sitting in a bucket, where the bucket held some tortillas. Very tasty, but a little spicy and too sweet to be eaten on its own. I ran out of tortillas, and realized very quickly that tater tots are a side dish for a reason. Very rarely can a potato product stand on its own as a meal (fries and hash browns are the only cases I can imagine). Nevertheless, I enjoyed my tater tot-heavy meal.

A hot mess of queso and tater tots and pulled pork, in a pan in a tin
A hot mess of queso and tater tots and pulled pork, in a pan in a tin

Rating: An airy place of mirth and loud club music interrupting my melodramatic thoughts, Tin Lizzy’s gave me a tater tot specialty I’ll never have again, and a welcome interruption from my EDM-less lifestyle. 18/25 long taco Ws


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