Big Spoon Creamery

Blackberry Bramble from Big Spoon Creamery
Legs pictured with the Blackberry Bramble are not mine. 

Simple homemade ice cream in a minimalist building painted white located next to a street which had a deadly drive-by shooting not more than a week ago, Big Spoon has a grapevine lattice which only grows christmas lights of warm color and plenty of seats to sit and talk it out.

Atmosphere: A wide open space outside near a bike shop adds an element of handyman to standing in penguin circles huddled for warmth. This mechanicality gives a feeling of just finishing a project at a big tech company and enjoying lunch with your friends. The inside is white, with a constantly changing menu. The workers are all visible, and like any store, allow tasting. The tasting occurs on wooden spoons which can flex back and forth with an amazing max angle before they break.

Actual Food: Making your own ice cream sounds amazing considering the amount of variety and the texture you desire can be precisely engineered. Also, calories you cook yourself don’t count. Eat away! I personally am a advocate of creamy over fruity. The first time, I had a blackberry cheesecake/pie double scoop. Wonderful! Chunks of cheesecake spaced fractally with berrybits to pound away at my barrel-shaped flavor tubes. Tart smooth richness popping in my headspace. A symphony, truly. This wonderful flavor is sadly retired for the season. The second time I went I tried a small wooden spoonful of cinnamon toast crunch. The copyright legality of this flavor is not for me to discuss. The taste was great however, capturing the cereal’s blatant sweetness in a creamy scoop. Personally, eating too much cereal will wear away at my mouth membranes behind on the roof and floor of my mouth nearest behind my teeth. I sure hope that mental image makes sense, and is something you can empathize with without thinking of me as a crazy person. This flavor was sweet over complex, but equally enjoyable. It was also cold this time, which made for a poor timing on my part. Big Spoon ice cream’s enduring deliciousness in this cold weather is a testament to its universal deliciousness.

Rating: 54/54 flexes of a wooden spoon. Not only did I get shamed for not giving enough restaurants the rating they deserved, this place is really worth it. Normal ice cream costs intersect delicious and novel ice cream flavors at Big Spoon Creamery.


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