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A cozy Cuban cuisinitarium (ok, not a word, but I wanted it to alliterate), Mojito’s is named after some alcoholic drink and serves legit Cuban food in a way accessible to even gringos.

Atmosphere: Every time I come here it seems there is construction going on, and while that is nice to see in a university, I’d rather not see restaurants do the same. I went to a restaurant in China where there were only 5 rooms to eat in because everything else had no floor tiling. The bathroom had exposed wiring BETWEEN your feet and the urinal, meaning I could’ve been in for a nasty death… Anyway, Mojitos. A very small area inside, and some tables outside in the back. It nearly rained on us, and we were not in the balcony’d area also outside. Paper covered tables + the foresight to bring a pen meant everyone was kept busy with group activities while waiting for the person who can’t choose between two identical options, and the ivy and elevated balcony’d area gave me an immense feeling of urban revival. It was probably the brick walls and harsh exterior of the back, softened only by those innocent, struggling ivies along the wall. Poor plants.

Fun Cuban facts and Lettuce miseries on the menu at Mojito's Cuban Cuisine
This lettuce telling jokes like he's a dad...

Meanwhile, the menu! Mojito’s has a special menu, not fancy - but bursting with playfulness. There’s blurbs and jokes and fun facts about traditional Cuban cuisine and the Spanish language, including a nihilistic cow who has accepted his fate. It made the ordering process much longer, since we spent much of it trying to find more fun things to read, but I guess it also stalls guests during rush hour

Doomed Cow and Mahi Mahi on the menu at Mojito's Cuban
Poor Rico the cow

Mediocre Ribs, stunning plantains, and a prodigious amount of moist towelettes at Mojito's Cuban
Mediocre Ribs, stunning plantains, and a prodigious amount of moist towelettes
Actual Food: I ordered a rack of baby ribs (baby back? They’re like comparing baby bananas to actual bananas except with ribs instead of bananas. (I suppose this remark didn’t clarify anything really…)). I originally ordered a more sensible half-rack, but the waitress accused me of being potentially hungry later and I caved. I felt really bad about it too cause the ribs weren’t good. Their sauce was just spicy enough that I couldn’t taste anything else properly, and the meat was kinda stringy. Stringy meat can be conquered by making really juicy chops that make guests question whether or not they were actually cooked safely when they bite into them. Major meat deficit. I also tasted some of their steak and breaded steak, which was equally eh. I guess Cubans aren’t known for their BBQ. That reminds me of the time I went to this local, vintage restaurant called Pancake House and ordered an omelette. That was fun.

Their desserts though. I’ve never had a better fried plantain. They’re like starchy bananas, so add some sugar and oil and these babies are irresistibly delicious to our primal caveman brains. I’ve tried eating one “raw” and it was not tasty at all. Imposter bananas must be cooked. They’re yellow-brown pods that yield like bananas except they’re soft. Wonder in the making.

Rating: Mojito’s manipulative service balances its soothing decor, and its desserts make up for the only moderately good entrees. 18/35 baby bananas.


  1. I think this deserves at least 19/35 baby bananas... just saying


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