Amalfi's Pizza

Have you ever been to a restaurant where they recreate the environment of their food’s origin? If you’d like to, head on over to Amalfi’s Pizza, where they sacrifice floor space to create the feeling of an Italian alleyway and bedazzle the senses.

Italian restaurant invested in aesthetics as well as pizza and pasta
An enchanted alleyway portal to Italy
Chandeliers and funky tree decor inside Amalfi's Pizza
Ignore my brown friend, enjoy the chandeliers!

Atmosphere: This place does not skimp on aesthetics. There are fancy booths with deep cushions, a literal hallway entrance that they have painted and decorated, and these cool trees inside that really give the place a fancy vibe. They even do something about the pipes in the ceiling, disguising it by putting wooden buttresses and a fancy chandelier up, instead of just leaving the roof raw (nobody looks at restaurant roofs :( despite the amount of work that goes into them). I like being in areas with chandeliers when I have semi-heavy disposable objects that I can throw and lodge into them. The imp of the perverse drives my every action when there are no observers. Their kitchen is in full sight, busy cooks preparing pizzas and pasta on a solid, clean, white countertop in front of two huge brick ovens imported from Italy. Their kitchen is also - you guessed it - on a lifted platform! I love me some height gradients, especially when their white color scheme symbolizes that our food comes from heaven. Their bathroom even has a REAL wooden door on the toilet, not just a stall door. Amalfi’s really goes all out.

Nice Italian bathrooms with real wooden doors and bricks
The nicest bathroom I've ever seen STILL doesn't have urinal separators

Shrimp pasta at Amalfi's Pizza Italian restaurant
Shrimp pasta

Actual Food: Now that my eyes and nose had been primed by the wonderful sights and smells, I was a tad disappointed by the lack of wow factor in the food. I had a shrimp pasta, our vegetarian friend that once stole my pizza bought a mushroom pizza (I wonder now if mushrooms are sorta like meat for the vegetarians, in that it is an altogether different texture from the vegetables they’re used to. I could never be vegetarian because most veggies are composed of cellulose and I can’t even digest that! Inefficient food! I’d buy 100 grams of food and only get nutrients from 60 grams of it! Wack!). The shrimps were perfectly cooked, I had these little tiny olive-like things, and the pasta was nice and soft. A tad oily and salty, but a good pasta on whole. There were bits of pepper that kept getting stuck in my teeth, but I wonder if I can fairly take off points because it was the obstacle (my teeth)’s fault. My friend got rigatoni (fat tube pasta) with some kind of creamy stuff over it. Perfectly tasty, but a bit too dente and not enough al. We also had an appetizer: red bell pepper cups filled with cream and something sweet and sour. Very tasty, tingly without being spicy. Reminiscing to my first tiramisu from Costco (I didn’t know you were supposed to defrost it), I wanted to order one but I didn’t want to be the cow of the party. Alas. I’m sure theirs was only very tasty.
Rigatoni pasta dish at Amalfi's Pizza in Atlanta
Rigatoni, Rigatoni, mixed with sauce and no baloney

Rating: An environment that truly transported me out of busy Atlanta and into Italy, Amalfi’s pizza serves up looks and excellent, albeit boring food. 50/54 fat tube pastas.


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